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pdf CUAC Family Violence Royal Commission findings a major step forward for abuse survivors FINAL Popular

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CUAC_Family Violence Royal Commission findings a major step forward for abuse survivors_FINAL.pdf

CUAC has hailed key recommendations of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence as ‘a major step forward’ for abuse survivors dealing with utilities in the aftermath of domestic violence.

pdf New study to improve fairness for customers of energy and water utilities Popular

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CUAC_Principles for a Fair Consumer Experience_FINAL.pdf

We're excited to announce that our latest research project, Principles for a Fair Consumer Experience, is underway. This unique project sees energy and water businesses collaborating with us to develop a practical vision for the fair treatment that all consumers – including vulnerable consumers – expect and deserve.

pdf Energy retailers to help Victorians stay out of debt: Consumer Groups Popular

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Energy retailers to help Victorians stay out of debt_Consumer Groups - Media Release Tuesday 22 March 2016.pdf

Consumer Action Law Centre and the Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre media release on the Essential Services Commission Energy Hardship Inquiry Final Report released on 22 March 2016. 

pdf New National Code Lifts Standards for Energy Comparison Popular

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15.10.08 ECCC LAUNCH_MEDIA_CUAC_PDF Media Release.pdf

CUAC is excited to announce the launch of a new national code of conduct for energy price comparators, the Energy Comparator Code of Conduct. This is an industry first in Victoria and Australia. Signatories to this cross-industry led initiative will commit to standards of impartiality and transparency, clarity and comprehensibility, correctness and accuracy, consistency, complaint handling, and consumer empowerment. 

pdf CUAC welcomes ESC’s fresh thinking in draft report on hardship Popular

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CUAC welcomes the ESC’s fresh thinking in its draft report on hardship, but cautions that the focus must remain on addressing the worrying level of disconnections for energy consumers in Victoria.

pdf Consumer Protection Bill takes decisive steps to put consumers first Popular

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CUAC welcomes the Consumer Protection Bill introduced in Parliament on 1 September 2015. CUAC applauds the Minister for Energy and Resources for taking decisive steps to put consumers first by improving the regulatory framework for fixed term contracts and the ESC's powers.

pdf Victorian Energy Efficiency and Productivity Statement Shows Promise Popular

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20150626 Media release Re VicGov EE & Productivity Statement.pdf

The Victorian Government’s commitment to a stable, long-term approach to energy efficiency across portfolios shows leadership in attracting jobs and investment to Victoria, relieving cost pressures, and improving wellbeing.

pdf Slow creep of regulatory changes diminishing Victorian energy consumers’ protections Popular

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Amendments in October 2014 and January 2015 to the Energy Retail Code have diminished and eroded our Victorian protections as the process of harmonisation with the National Energy Customer Framework progresses.

pdf Best response to rising gas prices is energy efficiency Popular

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20150317 CUAC media release - EE best to tackle rising gas prices.pdf

In response to media reports today that Chinese consumers of Australian natural gas will pay just a third of what Australians are paying, CUAC renewed its calls for greater energy efficiency in Victorian homes to tackle rising energy bills.

pdf New Executive Officer Announced at CUAC Popular

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Media release_CUAC EO.pdf

pdf Domestic Violence and utility debt report prompts ACCC warning Popular

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Media Release_DV_Final.pdf

CUAC welcomes the Australian Consumer & Competition Commission warning to utility provides on conduct regarding domestic violence and utility debt.

pdf ACCC releases report on comparator website industry Popular

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Media release_ACCC Comparator Report_Final.pdf

CUAC welcomes the Australian Consumer & Competition Comission's report on the comparator website industry.

pdf Ensuring 'fixed' means 'fixed' when it comes to energy contracts Popular

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Media Release _3 November.pdf

Consumer Action Law Centre and CUAC welcome the Coalition’s announcement that it will ban energy retailers using the term “fixed” when referring to contracts with variable pricing.

pdf Energy retailers given green light to increase prices at will Popular

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Energy retailers will continue increasing prices at their leisure after the Australian Energy Market Commission rejected a proposal that would have banned them from increasing a customer’s tariff during a fixed term or benefit contract

23 October 2014 


pdf Energy retailers should commit to reducing complaints by 25% in the next year Popular

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20141012 CUAC Media release - EWOV annual report.pdf

The Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria’s (EWOV) annual report raises serious concerns about the direction of the energy retail market in Victoria and the relationship between energy retailers and their customers.

pdf Letter to The Age supporting VEET Popular

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20140109 Letter to The Age supporting VEET final CUAC VCOSS ATA.pdf

Joint letter to The Age with VCOSS and the ATA supporting the retention or improvement of the VEET.

09 October 2014

pdf CUAC releases Our Gas Challenge Popular

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20140904 CUAC Media release - Our Gas Challenge.pdf

pdf CUAC Releases Report on Family Violence, Economic Abuse & Utility Debt Popular

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Media Release_DV_CUAC.pdf

pdf Government review of energy disconnection rates and hardship responses Popular

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14.08.27 Hardship review_CUAC.pdf

CUAC welcomes the Victorian Government review of energy disconnection rates and hardship responses.

pdf Water industry, customers and private sector call for better regulation Popular

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Media Release Economic Regulation.pdf

Media release by the Water Services Association of Australia regarding a call for better regulation.