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The CUAC newsletter POWER+WATER offers detailed but digestible news and analysis of topical consumer issues in energy, gas and water. Three issues are produced each year. You can sign up to receive POWER+WATER from the homepage.


pdf POWER+WATER Issue 13 Popular

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  Principles for a Fair Consumer Experience
  Utilities issues on the family violence agenda
  The long road to network tariff reform
  Energy literacy pilot hits Gippsland
  Melbourne Water pricing decision imminent

pdf POWER+WATER Issue 12 Popular

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Issue 12 October 2015 FINAL.pdf


    Cost Reflective Electricity Pricing
    CUAC Regulatory Review of Key Consumer
    Energy Comparator Code of Conduct launch
    Fuel Poverty: Household Income and Energy
    Gas environment Update
  • Domestic Violence and Utilty debt advocacy update
  • EnergyInfoHub update
  • CUAC Reference Group update
  • CUAC News
  • CUAC submissions - December 2014 to September 2015


pdf POWER+WATER Issue 11 Popular

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Issue 11 December 2014 FINAL.pdf

  • Our gas challenge
  • Energy Information Hub
  • Helping Not Hindering: Domestic Violence & Utility Debt
  • Fixed price rule change final decision
  • Federal Competition Policy Review
  • The economic regulation of water
  • Cost reflectivity electricity tariffs are coming
  • CUAC news
  • CUAC submissions - August 2014 to November 2014

pdf POWER+WATER Issue 10 Popular

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Issue 10 August 2014 (web).pdf

  • Switching among older consumers
  • Cash flow: water saving technologies
  • Optional Firm Access
  • Consumer engagement
  • Fixed price rule change draft decision
  • Koorie Energy Efficiency Project launch
  • No Interest Loan Scheme
  • CUAC’s Reference Group Grows
  • CUAC news
  • CUAC submissions – February 2014 to July 2014

pdf POWER+WATER Issue 9 Popular

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Issue 9 Feb 2014.pdf

  • Fix it! The campaign to fix fixed term contracts
  • Switching sites code of practice
  • Low income energy programs cut
  • New Energy White Paper
  • Choosing an electricity offer
  • Meaningful and genuine engagement
  • Harmonisation update
  • Energy policy announcements
  • Protections at stake in competition review
  • CUAC news – new Reference Group member and CUAC’s community energy presentations
  • CUAC submissions – October 2013 to January 2014

pdf POWER+WATER Issue 8 Popular

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Issue 8 Oct 2013.pdf

  • Aboriginal Energy and Water project - activities in 2013
  • Making the gas connection
  • New limited merits review regime
  • Concessions research
  • CUAC Reference Group update
  • Change of government
  • Flexible pricing and Energy Information Fund launched
  • Final water price decision
  • Conferences and events
  • CUAC news - board and 2012/13 Annual Report
  • CUAC submissions - May-September 2013

pdf POWER+WATER Issue 7 Popular

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POWER+WATER Issue 7 May 2013.pdf

  • Flexible pricing - will consumers be ready?
  • Energy Consumers Australia
  • Water pricing draft decision
  • Developing the next Energy Retail Code
  • Door-to-door selling update
  • Power of Choice review
  • CUAC news - Board and staff changes
  • CUAC submissions - January-April 2013

pdf POWER+WATER Issue 6 Popular

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POWER+WATER Issue 6 Dec 2012.pdf

  • Minimising consumer detriment from door-to-door selling
  • Towards a voluntary code for switching sites
  • UN reviews consumer guidelines
  • Consumer protections and energy re-sellers
  • Fixing up fixed term contracts
  • Metropolitan water price increases
  • Retail market concentration
  • National energy market reform at COAG
  • CUAC news - Research Insights
  • CUAC submissions - May - December 2012

pdf POWER+WATER Issue 5 Popular

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POWER+WATER Issue 5.pdf

  • The year ahead in energy and water
  • NECF developments in Victoria
  • Wrongful disconnection a growing problem
  • Consumers and the carbon price
  • CUAC energy market report launched
  • Water governance reforms extend interest charging powers
  • Extended hardship GSL
  • Reform on the way for Australia's energy networks
  • CUAC News - CUAC turns 10
  • CUAC Submissions - January - April 2012

pdf POWER+WATER Issue 4 Popular

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POWER+WATER 4, Feb 2012.pdf

  • Victorian Aboriginal experiences of energy and water
  • Improving energy market competition through consumer participation
  • Government responds on powerline bushfire safety
  • Caution needed on supply capacity control
  • Energy performance in serious decline
  • Water supply restrictions down in 2010-11
  • Government decision on smart meters
  • New CUAC research projects
  • CUAC News - Merits review decision
  • CUAC Submissions - September - December 2011

pdf POWER+WATER Issue 3 Popular

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FINAL POWER+WATER Issue 3 Oct 2011.pdf

  • Why the distribution pricing appeals process needs reform
  • Latest data on utilities and cost of living
  • Energy retailers' disconnection and reconnection obligations
  • A boost for urban water consumer advocacy?
  • ACCC authorises EAL code
  • Aboriginal Energy and Water Project
  • CUAC news - new website
  • CUAC submissions, May - August 2011   

pdf POWER+WATER Issue 2 Popular

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POWER+WATER Issue 2 June 2011.pdf

June 2011

  • Energy switching sites: Are they giving consumers the best deal?
  • Water interest charges made public
  • Voluntary code in doubt
  • More choice for water consumers
  • Smart meters consultation
  • Taskforce releases bushfire safety paper
  • Event: Energy distribution masterclass
  • CUAC News – Merits review update
  • CUAC Submissions, January – April 2011

pdf POWER+WATER Issue 1 Popular

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POWER+WATER Issue 1 January 2011.pdf

January 2011

  • Door-to-door energy marketing: Can self-regulation fix the problems
  • Consumer voice on urban water reform
  • The consumer experience in focus
  • Energy prices and disconnections up: Time to strengthen the safety net
  • Low income water consumers doing it hard in rural and regional Victoria
  • CUAC to challenge distribution businesses to keep prices down
  • Indigenous Research and Action Project
  • CUAC water pricing forum
  • CUAC News
  • CUAC Submissions, October – December 2010

pdf CUAC Quarterly, Issue 20 Popular

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CUACQ Issue 20 October 2010.pdf

October 2010

  • Raising the bar: A new hardship GSL measure for water businesses
  • Electric vehicle trial underway
  • National energy update: Advocating for low income and vulnerable consumers
  • Smart meter review
  • Seeking support for utilities research or advocacy?
  • ESC Chair signals high expectations
  • CUAC news
  • CUAC submissions, July – September 2010

pdf CUAC Rural and Regional Network Newsletter Popular

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RRNN 27 October 2010.pdf

October 2010

  • One Million Homes campaign gains momentum with release of Climate Change White Paper
  • Bushfires Taskforce report
  • Murray Darling Basin Plan information sessions
  • Future of Public Housing report released
  • Non-Mains Winter Energy Concession
  • Green Start round two getting underway

pdf CUAC Quarterly Issue 19 Popular

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CUACQ Issue 19 August 2010.pdf

August 2010

  • The latest on smart meters
  • Helping energy consumers do the maths
  • Heading in the right direction: the AER distribution price determination
  • One Million Homes campaign kicks off
  • Newcastle site chosen for ‘Smart Grid’ trial
  • Green Loans transitions to Green Start program
  • CUAC news
  • CUAC submissions April – June 2010
  • From the Executive Officer

pdf CUAC Rural and Regional Network Newsletter Popular

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RRNN 26 August 2010.pdf

August 2010

  • Debt recovery powers in the balance
  • Bendigo smart meters forum
  • Dealing with door-to-door marketing
  • Information tools for energy consumers

pdf CUAC Quarterly Issue 18 Popular

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CUACQ Issue 18 May 2010.pdf

May 2010

  • From the Chair
  • Transparency in retail pricing
  • Restrictions on the rise at Goulburn Valley Water
  • National Energy Customer Framework 2: More to do on consumer protections
  • Meter Smart
  • PM’s Taskforce on Energy Efficiency
  • Auditor-General releases concessions report
  • New faces at CUAC
  • Reference Group annual discussion forum
  • CUAC submissions January – March 2010
  • From the Executive Officer

pdf CUAC Rural and Regional Network Newsletter Popular

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RRNN 25 May 2010.pdf

May 2010

  • Indigenous Research and Action Project
  • Inquiry into the Adequacy and Future Directions of Public Housing in Victoria
  • Review of the Effectiveness of National Energy Market Security and Reliability Arrangements in Light of Extreme Weather Events
  • Reducing the risk of catastrophic bushfires caused by overhead power lines

pdf CUAC Quarterly Issue 17 Popular

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CUACQ Issue 17 December 2009.pdf

December 2009

  • Changes needed for AMI rollout
  • Energy retailer report released
  • Indigenous utilities issues project
  • Regulator’s report flags private access to water infrastructure
  • EWOV update
  • The social implications of water and energy pricing
  • Green Start program
  • ‘Still an Unfair Deal’ launched
  • Energy price rises will hurt low income consumers: report
  • Recent CUAC submissions
  • From the Executive Officer