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CUAC is available to deliver presentations to community groups on energy topics, including energy basics, reading bills, concessions, payment difficulties, saving energy, choosing an energy deal, smart meters and flexible and flat pricing. We can tailor a presentation to suit your group's needs and interests and are able to travel to rural and regional communities. 

To arrange a presentation, contact CUAC's EnergyInfoHub Community Participation Coordinator, Karl Barratt, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (03) 9639 7600.



pdf The rise of fuel poverty as an Australian issue Popular

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Download (pdf, 739 KB)

Presentation to ENA Conference.pdf

Presentation to the Energy Networks 2012 Conference

pdf The power of choice? Popular

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Download (pdf, 450 KB)

AEMC Speech DSP 3 Final.pdf

Presentation to the Australian Energy Market Commission Public forum - The power of choice: giving consumers options in the way that they use electricity

pdf Improving energy market competition through consumer participation Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.05 MB)

Presentations from Improving Energy Market Competition launch.pdf

Presentations from the CUAC report launch Improving energy market competition through consumer participation

document Minimum disconnection amount Popular

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Presentation to the Australian Energy Regulator stakeholder meeting - Minimum disconnection amount  

pdf Engaging your Customers on Choice Popular

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CUAC Paper_ESC Cust Engagement Seminar.pdf

Presentation to the Essential Services Commission Water Customer Engagement Seminar - Involving Customers in your Water Plan

pdf Regulatory roles in consumer protection and reliability of supply Popular

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Download (pdf, 698 KB)

11.10.25 FOR DIST PAPER _Water Pricing Summit.pdf

Presentation to the Water Pricing Summit - Moderating Price Rises in the Urban and Rural Water Sectors

pdf Network prices and regulation: Their impact on utility users Popular

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Download (pdf, 3.08 MB)

11.10.19 EUAA Presentation.pdf

Presentation to Energy User 2011: The Energy Users of Australia Annual Conference

pdf Will the public accept the current market solutions to water challenges? Popular

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11.10.17 PAPER _Victorian Water Summit.pdf

Presentation to the Australian Water Association Victorian Water Summit - Continuous Change... Challenging Integrated Water Management

pdf How do we make energy markets smarter for consumers? Popular

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Download (pdf, 488 KB)

11.09.22 Presentation to the NEICF workshop on smarter energy networks.pdf

Presentation to the National Energy Industry and Consumer Forum (NEICF) 'How do we make the energy market smarter?' workshop


pdf The Merits Review: What's at stake for consumers? Popular

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Download (pdf, 520 KB)

Presentation to the Distribution Pricing Masterclass for Consumers.pdf

Presentation to the CUAC and Consumer Action Law Centre Distribution Pricing Masterclass (Powerpoint)

pdf The Merits Review: What's at stake for consumers? Popular

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Download (pdf, 615 KB)


Presentation to the CUAC and Consumer Action Law Centre Distribution Pricing Masterclass (full text)

pdf Dealing sensibly with equity concerns Popular

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Download (pdf, 571 KB)

2011 07 29 Dealing sensibly with equity concerns_La Trobe water forum.pdf

Presentation to the La Trobe University Annual Water Forum - How Much Reform is Enough?

pdf Water's crucial importance (value) Popular

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Download (pdf, 780 KB)

2011 06 24 Water's crucial importance value_IWA Exploring the Value of Water_PAPER.pdf

Presentation to the Institute of Water Administration conference - Exploring the Value of Water

pdf Demystifying smart meters Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.78 MB)

2011 05 23 Demystifying Smart Meters_Victorian Farmers Federation Balliang & District.pdf

Presentation to the Victorian Farmers' Federation, Balliang and District Branch meeting

pdf Recent developments in urban water tariffs in Victoria Popular

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Download (pdf, 728 KB)

2011 05 20 Recent developments in urban water tariffs in Victoria UWSRP.pdf

Presentation to a meeting of the Urban Water Stakeholder Reference Panel

pdf Victorian smart meter roll-out Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.11 MB)

2011 05 17 Victorian Smart Meter Rollout_National Seniors Greensborough.pdf

Presentation to the National Seniors Association, Greensborough meeting

pdf The voice of the customer: information and education needs of consumers in transition to smart meter Popular

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Download (pdf, 499 KB)

2011 05 17 The voice of the customer_ENA Smart networks summit.pdf

Presentation to the Energy Networks Association Smart Networks Summit - Securing our Clean Energy Future

pdf Consumer interests and tariff design Popular

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Download (pdf, 240 KB)

2011 03 31 Consumer Interests and Tariff Design_ESC Urban Water Tariffs Seminar.pdf

Presentation to the Essential Services Commission Urban Water Tariffs seminar

pdf Consumer perspective: identifying the potential benefits and/or impacts of smart grids Popular

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Download (pdf, 235 KB)

2011 03 29 Consumer Perspective smart grid benefits costs_Smart Grids Forum.pdf

Presentation to the Smart Grids Forum

pdf Social equity objectives in urban water pricing Popular

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Download (pdf, 478 KB)

2011 02 29 Social Equity Objectives in Urban Water Pricing_CUAC forum.pdf

Presentation to the CUAC Urban Water Pricing in the Consumer Interest forum