Research and Advocacy Program

CUAC is interesting in partnering with community organisations, academics, and others to undertake projects that align with CUAC's constitutional obects, annual work plan, and our funding guidelines. Support is subject to funding availability, and our Board review CUAC's approach annually.

When available, grant amounts are generally around $8,000 (including GST) and a preference is given to:

  • Water research and/or advocacy projects
  • Energy research and/or advocacy projects which are not likely to attract funding under the Consumer Advocacy Panel

Please contact us for a preliminary discussion of your project idea.


External Research Grants Program

With CUAC’s establishment in 2002, a Grants Program was created to support a range of organisations to continue to undertake energy and water consumer research and advocacy. Since 2002, CUAC has provided funding of over $1.3 million to more than 90 consumer, welfare, and environment group projects.


Over time, a reduced public reserve and the availability of energy consumer advocacy funding through the Consumer Advocacy Panel led CUAC to restructure and scale down the Grants Program. In 2009-10, an in-depth review evaluated the program’s strengths, weaknesses, and governance, and investigated alternative models. Based on the review’s findings and recommendations, the CUAC Board decided to adopt a new, more flexible approach to its Research & Advocacy Program (see above).

Reports from CUAC-funded projects can be found on the External Research page.