The CUAC newsletter POWER+WATER offers detailed but digestible news and analysis of topical consumer issues in energy, gas and water. Three issues are produced each year. You can sign up to receive POWER+WATER from the homepage.


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January 2011

  • Door-to-door energy marketing: Can self-regulation fix the problems
  • Consumer voice on urban water reform
  • The consumer experience in focus
  • Energy prices and disconnections up: Time to strengthen the safety net
  • Low income water consumers doing it hard in rural and regional Victoria
  • CUAC to challenge distribution businesses to keep prices down
  • Indigenous Research and Action Project
  • CUAC water pricing forum
  • CUAC News
  • CUAC Submissions, October – December 2010

CUAC Quarterly, Issue 20 CUAC Quarterly, Issue 20

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October 2010

  • Raising the bar: A new hardship GSL measure for water businesses
  • Electric vehicle trial underway
  • National energy update: Advocating for low income and vulnerable consumers
  • Smart meter review
  • Seeking support for utilities research or advocacy?
  • ESC Chair signals high expectations
  • CUAC news
  • CUAC submissions, July – September 2010

CUAC Rural and Regional Network Newsletter CUAC Rural and Regional Network Newsletter

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October 2010

  • One Million Homes campaign gains momentum with release of Climate Change White Paper
  • Bushfires Taskforce report
  • Murray Darling Basin Plan information sessions
  • Future of Public Housing report released
  • Non-Mains Winter Energy Concession
  • Green Start round two getting underway

CUAC Quarterly Issue 19 CUAC Quarterly Issue 19

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August 2010

  • The latest on smart meters
  • Helping energy consumers do the maths
  • Heading in the right direction: the AER distribution price determination
  • One Million Homes campaign kicks off
  • Newcastle site chosen for ‘Smart Grid’ trial
  • Green Loans transitions to Green Start program
  • CUAC news
  • CUAC submissions April – June 2010
  • From the Executive Officer
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CUAC Rural and Regional Network Newsletter CUAC Rural and Regional Network Newsletter

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August 2010

  • Debt recovery powers in the balance
  • Bendigo smart meters forum
  • Dealing with door-to-door marketing
  • Information tools for energy consumers
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