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pdf CUAC Regulatory Review Interim Report Executive Summary

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April 2015

pdf CUAC Regulatory Review: A Comparative Analysis of Key Consumer Protections (interim report) Popular

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A CUAC research report

Interim, April 2015

pdf Consumer Engagement in Energy Networks: Innovations & Challenges Popular

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Report on National Energy Networks Forum

September 2014

pdf Our Gas Challenge: The role of gas in Victorian households Popular

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CUAC (2014) Our Gas Challenge.pdf

A CUAC Research Report

August 2014

pdf Helping Not Hindering: Uncovering Domestic Violence & Utility Debt Popular

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Helping Not Hindering_FINAL.pdf

A CUAC Research Report

August 2014

pdf Tariff switching among older energy consumers Popular

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CUAC (2014) Tariff switching among older energy consumers (web).pdf

A CUAC research report

June 2014

pdf Toward a voluntary code of conduct for energy switching services forum report Popular

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Toward a Code of Conduct forum report.pdf

A CUAC advocacy report

March 2014

pdf Meaningful & Genuine Engagement: Perspectives from Consumer Advocates Popular

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A CUAC Research Report

November 2013

pdf Making the Gas Connection: an introduction to the gas sector for consumer organisations Popular

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CUAC (2013) Making the Gas Connection.pdf

A CUAC research report

October 2013

pdf Market Power in the Victorian Retail Energy Market Popular

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Market Power paper MASTER.pdf

A CUAC Policy Issues Paper

December 2012

pdf Minimising Consumer Detriment from Energy Door-to-Door Sales Popular

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PRINT_FINAL_Minimising consumer detriment.pdf

A CUAC Research Report

December 2012

pdf Growing Gaps: Consumer Protections and Energy Re-Sellers Popular

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A CUAC Research Report

December 2012

pdf Fixing up fixed term contracts: Your questions answered Popular

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Your Questions Answered for printing.pdf

November 2012

pdf Fixing up fixed term contracts: What are consumers saying? Popular

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What are consumers saying for printing.pdf

November 2012

pdf Principles for a Voluntary Code of Practice for Price Comparison and Switching Services Popular

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12.11.07 Switching site principles.pdf

July 2012

pdf Grounds for appeal - representing the public interest in the review of regulatory decision making Popular

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06.09 Lowe Nelthorpe Grounds for appeal.pdf

September 2006

pdf The consumer experience of door-to-door energy sales in Victoria: Findings from a CUAC survey Popular

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Survey marketing findings fact sheet.pdf

CUAC Policy Issues Paper

February 2012

pdf Highlights from Improving energy market competition through consumer participation Popular

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FINAL Consumer participation report highlights.pdf

December 2011

Fact sheet

pdf Improving Energy Market Competition through Consumer Participation Popular

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11 12 07 Final report (Soft Copy).pdf

A CUAC Research Report

December 2011

pdf Wein, Paen, Ya Ang Gim: Victorian Aboriginal Experiences of Energy and Water Popular

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2011_12 Final electronic version.pdf

A CUAC Research Report

December 2011